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Cats Need Vet Care Too

It is a popular myth that cats don’t need routine veterinary care, especially cats that live indoors only. The is quite contrary - it is very important that your feline fur baby see the vet every year. Changes in health can occur at any point in your cat’s life, and being prey animals, they are very stoic if in pain, so as not to show signs of weakness. This survival skill has been fine-tuned over many generations, and even today’s housecats will not show signs of illness. Here are a few of the things your family veterinarian will look for during the annual visit.

Does your cat look like Garfield? Diabetes in cats is on the rise, especially if your cat is “extra fluffy.” Even before your cat is drinking more and losing weight, a simple blood or urine test can determine if his glucose is high, and diet and insulin can be discussed and prescribed.

Even inside cats need vaccines. In November, a housecat in Michigan developed rabies after playing with a bat inside the home. Cats can sneak out doors or windows when even the most diligent owner isn’t looking, or a visit through the window screen with the Tom cat next door can pass an upper respiratory illness to your cat.

Dental disease is much more than a little tartar build up. Many cats have gum disease, cracked teeth, resorptions, or stomatitis - painful conditions that can be alleviated with regular dental check ups and cleanings.

If your cat is urinating outside the box, it could be a sign of stress or it could be that he has a urinary tract infection or kidney disease. No matter what the cause, if caught early, we can help with the underlying cause and get kitty’s bathroom habits back on track.

We love our Cats (both the furry kind and the UK kind) and want the very best for both. We may not be able to help the Wildcats win, but we can help your kitty live her very best life.

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