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Dog Training and Behavior Health

Our veterinarians believe that behavioral health is an integral part of an animal's well being. In veterinary medicine, it is most often through the analysis of an animal's behavior that we learn of illness or injuries. It is also an unfortunate fact that most pets that are relinquished to animal shelters are abandoned due to behavior problems that are easily addressed early on. In recognition of these facts and as a result of our staff's passion for training and behavior health, in 2013 we began a puppy socialization program and offer medical behavior consultations for cats and dogs to ensure that the behavioral health of our patients is addressed. We also offer various engaging canine training courses and seminars throughout the year. In addition, our team uses a behavior-based approach to ensure your pet's comfort while here for visits and treatments. Calm-inducing pheromone diffusers and sprays are used throughout the clinic, soft exam surfaces are provided, and low stress handling techniques are utilized for cats and dogs. Thunder-shirts are available in most sizes for anxious pets, and high value treats are always on hand! We also highly encourage "happy visits" - a free appointment where you and your pet may visit with the sole purpose of receiving treats and "happy-time" with one of our staff members in an exam room, on the weight scale, or in the lobby. Call us today for more information about behavioral wellness at Brighton Animal Clinic!

BAC Trainers

Brighton Animal Clinic Trainers


Alysa began as an assistant instructor in 2019 and is now our Puppy Socialization Class instructor. As a certified veterinary assistant, Alysa is passionate about providing resources to our pet parents to facilitate behavioral well-being in our patients. She also enjoys the enrichment aspect of training. Her senior chihuahua Ginger still jumps at the chance to learn new tricks and Alysa loves using agility training as an outlet for her "wild man" Cobi, a speedy miniature poodle rescue.

Alysa Schooler CVA

Anne McCain

Anne joined the Brighton Animal Clinic team as a Technician in November 2011. Her love of animals developed at a very early age, and she began training dogs in 4-H Club when she was 12.  She started training dogs for obedience competition in 1998 and has had several dogs, including Labs, Border Collies, German Shepherds, Viszlas and Jack Russells that have earned AKC Obedience titles.


Anne became a Certified Evaluator for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Program in 2006.  She truly enjoys working with clients and their pets, helping them to develop a good relationship and discovering all the fun activities they can do together.


Anne is available for CGC certification testing, by appointment, year round.


Brooke Willett

Brooke joined the Brighton Animal Clinic team as a technician in May 2020 after graduating from the University of Kentucky.  Brooke has always enjoyed working with animals, whether it be as a competitive equestrian, hunting with her German Shorthaired Pointer, or training service dogs.  Brooke’s interest in training began while at the University of Kentucky where she was a member of Wildcat Service Dogs; a student run organization dedicated to the training of puppies on their way to becoming active service dogs.

While at UK, Brooke served as the Training Supervisor of Wildcat Service Dogs for 2 years where she oversaw the training of all of the dogs in the program.  Following her time at UK, Brooke shifted her focus to helping pet parents provide the foundational skills and socialization needed for their dogs.

Brooke’s favorite part of training is watching the bond between pet-parent and dog form through the successes of their hard-work. 

Brooke offers private training lessons as well as group obedience classes.

Class Schedule


(Group classes are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak)

Class Description

Class Descriptions

Puppy Socialization Class - For puppies 8-14 weeks at the start of class. Strategic exposures to people, places, animals, sights, sounds, and handling during the early socialization window (lasting from 3 weeks of age to 12-16 weeks of age for most puppies) is of critical importance according to the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. This class helps puppy parents fit socialization exercises into a busy schedule, while also offering support on puppy management issues like house-training and play-biting. We will also help puppy parents begin training the right way - helping puppies and puppy parents to communicate more effectively from the very beginning of their relationship with one another. Please contact us for class dates and times. Class fee: $110

Dog Training Basics Class - A class for dogs of all ages (5 months and up!). This class covers sit, down, controlled leash-walking, recalls, intro to stay, greeting without jumping up, focus, and leave it. This class is primarily outdoors in our fenced in yard, and therefore is seasonal. Please contact us for class dates and times. Class fee: $145

Private Lessons available to address the following behavior issues: leash-walking, leash reactivity, basic manners training, house-training, counter-surfing, kids and dogs/family dog management and bite prevention, selecting a new puppy, preparing your dog for new baby/new family addition, recall training, and more! If it is beyond our scope of training, we will happily refer you to a behavior professional that can help you. Pricing and packages vary. Please call for more information.

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